Don’t trust the food you serve is safe, TruuScann it!
Our crossmorphic spectrometer is easy to use.

Hear what our customers have to say:

"Using TruuScann has made a huge difference in the level of confidence my staff members and I have in the hospital's food safety.  It's not enough to simply trust that the food we serve is contamination-free, we should KNOW it is - and TruuScann devices give us that peace of mind."

"Our TruuSann scanners have helped us reduce costs by identifying problem food items before they hit the buffet."

"I run the kitchen of a large nursing home, and after a few issues with one of our food supplies that left several residents ill, we invested in several TruuScann scanners. Not only did they identify where the contaminated food was coming from, they've helped us improve the safety of our storage, prep and serving methods. Thank you TruuScann!!!"